2018 Training Schedule

January Electrical Safety
Focus: Basic tips on how to work with electricity safely for the general population
February Mobile Equipment and Pedestrian Safety
Focus: Safe operation and working around mobile equipment safely
March Lockout/Tagout/Tryout
Focus: Awareness, Individual Lockout, Group Lockout, and Tryout
April Hazard Communication
Focus: Review of GHS, Chemical Hazards, SDSs, and Warning Labels
May Heat Stress
Focus: Working safely in high temperatures and high heat areas
June PPE and Hearing Conservation
Focus: Proper selection, care, and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment and hearing protection
July Preventing Violence and Harassment in the Workplace
Focus: Understanding violence and harassment and how they can be prevented in the work environment
August Compressed Gas Safety and Safe Welding/Torching
Focus: Proper handling and storage of compressed gasses and safe welding/torching techniques
September Hand Awareness and Machine Guarding
Focus: Hand hazards, hand position awareness, and proper machine guarding
October Fire Prevention
Focus: Use and Types of Extinguishers, Fire Prevention, and Emergency Action Plans
November Fall Protection
Focus: Assessing fall hazards and the proper use of Fall Protection Equipment
December Ladders and Lifts
Focus: Safe Use and Safe Operation of Ladders and Lifts
Optional Releases
*Available by Request
Hot Metal Hazards
Safe Driving of Non-Commercial Vehicles
Respiratory Protection
Confined Space

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